Leverage you existing network

Reaching can be tricky but if you reach out to your existing network then this may be the best place to start. Their are some good reasons for this but the main one is word of mouth and this will help grow your customer base substantially.

Creating a core group of customers that can recommend your business will dramatically help increase your client network. Referrals are strong leads. I would encourage that you network as much as possible with your target market. For example, we hire out scaffolding so we have joined a number of scaffolding related groups on Facebook and online forums.

Tapping in to your immediate network and try to figure out who would be a good fit for our product is an easy step forward. Find the time to get connected with anyone in your niche even if they are not customers. This is how word of mouth will help you leverage your business and improve on customers/clients and outreach.

Thanks to TD Scaffolding for this helpful insight to how they leverage their existing network to increase results across the web.