Small businesses are under a hammer

Some of you are probably wondering what I mean when I say small businesses are under the hammer but when it comes to online marketing and business growth, the challenge to compete can be extremely hard.

After a few searches online for my test, I begin by searching varied phrases to sniff out the little guys and see what they are challenged with when it comes to rankings there website for key terms such as:

Painter and Decorator in London and Bouncy Castle hire in Manchester.

With both searches I realised that there was an unfair advantage to the bigger sites for business terms.

What is Gumtree? with Gumtree you can post ads, sell items and so on. When a customer makes an add offering his services, the likely hood of it ranking on first page is pretty high!

Then you look at some individual small businesses for the same terms:

Dont get me wrong, for Gumtree to become such a large company and so popular, someone must of worked hard but for searching local terms for local services surely the priority should be pointing towards sole traders but thats just my opinion.

If you want to find out more about Gumtree then visit the website or watch the video below: